Tips for Choosing the Best Child’s Car Seat

Children have been riding in cars with their parents since the first automobile rolled off the assembly line, but it wasn’t until 1985 that the law required kids to be restrained in car seats. Since then, parents have faced the challenge of choosing the best car seat from a staggering array of choices. However, many now simplify the task by choosing a trusted model like the Evenflow Symphony DLX. Created by the company that has provided baby products for 90 years, the all-in-one product is feature rich, convenient, and offers exceptional protection.

The Best Car Seat Lasts Through Childhood

Parents who want a versatile car seat often choose the Symphony DLX after reading online reviews and visiting the manufacturer’s website For further info. Many buyers are decided by the fact that the all-in-one seat is designed to support children from their first car rides from the hospital well into childhood. Seats include manufacturer’s weight guidelines, and seat positions can be changed to protect kids as they grow. For example, when rear facing, the seat supports up to 50 pounds and up to 65 pounds when forward facing. The belt-positioning booster works for passengers up to 110 pounds.

A Top Product Offers Extra Protection

A quality, all-in-one seat also provides superior protection against injury in the event of an accident. Evenflow ensures their seats are side-impact tested and the instructions advise parents to install them in rear middle vehicle seats. That step can reduce injuries as much as 43%. Well-made seats also provide expanded zones of protection that reduce side-impact crash forces.

An All-in-One Seat Includes Convenience Features

Top-selling, all-in-one child safety seats are also simple for parents to install. They include features like an easy-to-adjust slide harness and reclining system. These options make all the difference to parents who are constantly putting children into seats and need to take them out quickly and easily. Popular car seats also include buttons that make it simple for seats to change positions. High-quality products even include washable seats.

The easiest solution to child car seat shopping is to choose an all-in-one model made by a trusted manufacturer. A quality seat adapts to children as they grow, offers exceptional protection, and includes features that make it convenient to use.